Your health and safety are our greatest concern

As news about COVID-19, the novel Coronavirus, breaks continually throughout each day, we want to take a moment to assure our guests that we, owners and staff of Pizzeria Caldera, take the threat of this virus and and it’s potential impact on all of us very seriously.

We have heightened our vigilance against potential illness by reinforcing our handwashing policy and with increased cleaning and sanitation throughout the restaurant. Our staff has been instructed to wash their hands often and thoroughly, and we encourage our guests to take a moment before their meal to use our restrooms to do the same. It has been proven that regular and thorough handwashing is one of the best defenses against this virus. We have increased our protocol for sanitizing all surfaces, both in the kitchen and throughout our dining room and restrooms.

Pizzeria Caldera is open for business and it is business as usual. Know that your health, safety and comfort in our restaurant is always our greatest concern. We look forward to seeing you soon.