Blogs for 2013

“The Best Pizza in Town”

Earlier this year, as we were putting the finishing touches on this website, I received an email from my friend Kevin Olson, owner of our local paper, the Jackson Hole News&Guide, and oft cycling partner. “You’ll love this,” was the subject. “Totally unprompted by me, Alise wrote it for her English class … She used my computer to compose and left it on my desktop. You’ve definitely got a customer hooked on your pies.”

This was the second piece I received within a month written by a local kid who loves our pizza. Published here with her permission. If this doesn’t give us inspiration, I don’t know what does. Enjoy! And thanks, Alise!

The Best Pizza in Town

Parmesan soaking up the warm grease, fresh pepperoni sitting on mozzarella’s lap: this is the good stuff. As I walk in to Pizzeria Caldera with rosy cheeks and a chilled sense, I zone out. The aromas enclose me in a mindset of paradise. I’m going to have the pizza experience of my lifetime. I sit at a table, awaiting my flame kissed, circular concoction. Steam rising, fresh cheese sizzling, this pizza is cooked to perfection. Bon appetit ! I sink my teeth into something heavenly. The dough toasts my tongue. The grease fills my taste buds with delight. The hot cheese warms my cold insides. For a moment I am sitting on a sun-covered porch next to the river in Venice enjoying my gourmet creation. Why would I ever settle for anything less than pizza perfection? I never want to leave this place.  My mind is twisted; this pizza is too delicious. After I consume my paradise of a pizza, my stomach yearns for more. Pizzeria Caldera makes simply this: joy on a pan. And, of course, the BEST pizza in town.