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Mozzarella Clinic With Roger Friedman

We had a treat this week when Fine Dining Group Partner and Head Chef Roger Friedman came in to show us how he makes fresh mozzarella. About a month ago, while checking out their newest endeavor, Bin 22, I had inquired to my friend Neil, their semmelier, whether Fine Dining would be interested in and/or willing to sell us some fresh mozzarella. While they weren’t able to do that, Roger graciously offered to come by and show us how it’s done. Having made mozzarella myself, but not all that interested in saddling my staff with what can be a tedious start-to-finish process, I was curious to see how Roger handled it.

The first trick I learned is that mozzarella doesn’t need to be made from milk; you can purchase mozzarella curd and start there, eliminating the tedious task of separating the curd from the whey.

The steps starting from there are pretty simple: Shred the curd, add boiling salted water to a small amount, stretch, add a little more water, stretch again, ball and you’re done! While we likely won’t use it on pizza, look for house-made mozzarella on with our caprese salad this summer!


Fine Dining’s Roger Friedman talks us through the steps for making fresh mozzarella.


Roger stretches the hot curd with two spoons.


Lastly he rounds the mozz into a ball just like dough. We know how to do that!