Blogs for 2017

First We Feast Rates Pizzeria Caldera Best in Wyoming

Contrary to one local popularity contest, we’ve always known Pizzeria Caldera has the best pizza in Wyoming (and probably most of the surrounding Greater Yellowstone Region). That was the point from the beginning, and there was no point going through all the trouble to open a pizzeria if we couldn’t achieve that status. We’ve been featured before and it happened again. The foodie website First We Feast has chosen Pizzeria Caldera as the best in Wyoming in their feature article “The United States of Pizza: The Best Pizza From Each of the 50 States.” It’s always nice to receive praise and this is pretty high. And it’s quite an honor to be listed among some of the pizzerias we aspire to be as great as, such as Pizzeria Locale in Boulder, Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in San Francisco, Pizza Bianco in Phoenix and Apizza Scholls in Portland.